The InductWarm® system

Your advantages at a glance

  • No gel fuel
  • No water
  • No heating of the room
  • No risk of burning
  • Elegant design
  • Consistently fresh meals
  • Immediate readiness
  • Low running costs

How the InductWarm® system works

In combination with any induction-compatible pot (such as our InductWarm® porcelain) InductWarm® keeps food warm via induction. Using the InductWarm® remote control, you can conveniently select one of four different warming levels for each of the warming zones, guaranteeing the right temperature for any of your dishes. The warming zones switch off automatically when a dish is removed from the table and reactivate at the same temperature when put back again.

Finally you are able to also present your warm dishes at the highest stage in aesthetics – your guests are going to be thrilled.

How does induction work?

With an induction warmer the heat is not transferred by a heating element via the warming utensil to the food to be warmed, but rather the necessary heat is generated directly in the pot with the aid of induction currents.

An induction coil (1) underneath the glass hob (2) generates an alternating electromagnetic field, which penetrates the glass hob and induces the heat-generating current in the base of the cookware (3).

Does and Don´ts

Do not use non-induction-compatible stainless steel pots, aluminium foil or dishes wrapped in aluminium foil with our InductWarm® devices.

Do not heat a pan while empty. This could cause the pan to overheat and destroy the induction device.

Warning: Unsuited pots may lead to unsatifactory or uneven warming, and may even lead to malfunction of both pots and our devices.

Do use only induction-compatible pots, that are marked as such by the producer, ideally from our preferred partners:


Blanco Professional

Le Creuset




Your Advantages

Design & Quality

Present your creations to your guests in fine porcelain that is freestanding and supported by stylish brushed stainless steel and glass.

Dynamic Power Control

DPC detects the inductive parameters of the vessel and automatically controls the power stage. With this software-controlled function, the InductWarm® porcelain can be warmed as well as a heavy metallic pan or chafing-dish.

All-round safety

The danger of getting burnt, whether by an open flame or by steam from hot water, is a thing of the past with the InductWarm® system – your guests and employees will be especially appreciative of this.

Outstanding convenience

The remote control lets you select the ideal temperature level for each individual dish. The InductWarm® system does not require any preparation time for this and is ready at the touch of a button. The optional casters mean that transporting the InductWarm® table is very straightforward

Consistently fresh meals

With our InductWarm® system you can keep food gently warmed and free of steam. This means that meals remain fresh for longer periods of time - the highest standards of colour, consistency and nutrients are retained.

Highest Energy-Efficiency

Thanks to induction technology, our InductWarm® system has particularly low energy requirements. With a power consuption of 750W per unit, max. four units can be connected to a single 230V power supply. This enables you to significantly reduce your operational energy costs.

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