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InductWarm® 130+ Undercounter

InductWarm® 130+ GN 2/3 Device

Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 110 mm
With four temperatur levels
Max. power: 800 W
Input voltage range: 110/230 V AC / 50/60 Hz

Operation- and Installation Manual

The combination of high-tec and premium surfaces from stone, wood or glass are indicative of the fact that our InductWarm® Built-in and Undercounter solution offers the best in high-quality workmanship. The classic design looks to its peers in its restrained elegance, meaning that your culinary creations take centre stage. This will appeal to your guests.

With the InductWarm® 130+ we offer individuality and flexibility of the best in hospitality and private households. No matter if it is stone, wood or glass - our InductWarm® 130+ System was designed to be integrated almost invisible under every counter (20mm) and therefore can be used for all kind of occasions: as conference table, as serving table etc. Simply remove the dishes from the buffet and you will be left with an elegant, clean and modern counter. With you choice of material, colour, size and number of InductWarm® 130+ devices, this system gives you complete freedom in presentation and implementation of your buffets.

With the new InductWarm-BUS, you can link multiple devices together and control them with just one external control unit.

The InductWarm® 130+ has a unique DPC (Dynamic Power Control) system. The DPC detects the inductive parameters of the vessel and automatically controls the power stage. With this software-controlled function, the InductWarm® - porcelain can be heated up as well as a heavy metallic pan or chafing-dish.

With the integrated manual control panel on every single InductWarm® element your dishes can be kept warm on four temperature levels. LEDs will indicate the current operating status at any given time. The energy efficiency provided becomes especially important with our InductWarm® 130+, since there is only one single 110/230V power outlet necessary to supply the InductWarm® system with sufficient energy for its requirements.

Optional Accessories

External control unit

The InductWarm® 130+ can be controlled via an optional external control unit on four temperature levels. This allows a use from the buffet side.

Infrared remote control

Using the optional infrared remote control the activation is also possible. The power levels 1-4 can be controlled with the current button on the remote control.

Mounting kit

The optional mounting kit makes a simple mounting of the device under the counter or table possible.

Connecting cable

When choosing from our InductWarm® 130+, you have a choice of the arrangement and number of the InductWarm® elements. Up to three devices can be easily connected via the connecting cable with each other for giving you the exact level of versatility that you require.

Your individual design

Our special offer is customised design of your InductWarm® system. Create the design entirely according to your preferences and requirements. Weather if it is a wood, glass or stone surface, you can make your InductWarm® system unique.


Designed to complement the ambiance of your guest area, or the design of your buffet, select a glass top to your InductWarm® system. Our recommendation is scratch resistant safety ESG glass with a thickness of 20 mm.


Designed to complement the ambiance of your guest area, or the design of your buffet, select a wood top to your InductWarm® system.

ATTENTION: The use of wood as a support material is critical. Do not use glued or lacquered wood, only oiled natural wood. Moisture and/or drought can cause cracks in the wood.

Artificial Stone

Designed to complement the ambiance of your guest area, or the design of your buffet, select a stone top to your InductWarm® system. It is recommended to use an immediate silicone joint for the possible extension of the surface.

ATTENTION: stone and glass as a carrier material can expand when heated, which can lead to tensions cracks. Gastros can give a recommendation in the choice of the carrier material, but assumes no liability for any damage to the surface.

BelencoGastros does NOT recommend to use Belenco.
Heat test ended with color change and bubbles on the surface.
CaesarstoneTested and approved by Gastros for 20mm thickness. Quartz-based, very robust.
CorianGastros does NOT recommend to use Corian.
The polymethylmetacrylit (PMMA) is not heat resistant and will melt/change color.
DektonTested and approved by Gastros for 20mm thickness.
DEKTON is extremely hard material. Installation supports/frames must be installed EXTREMELY BALANCED to prevent mechanical tension.
FriatecFRIDURIT tested and approved by Gastros for 11mm thickness.
LaminamTested and approved by Gastros for 20mm thickness.
NeolithTested and approved by Gastros for 20mm thickness.
Sensa naturestone
(by Cosentino)
Gastros generally does NOT recommend to use any natural stone.
SilestoneGastros recommends to use Silestone ONLY in use with siliconpads. Heat test ended with color change on the surface. Mechanical test passed.
FondovalleGastros does NOT recommend to use Fondovalle.
AriosteaTested and approved by Gastros for 20mm thickness.

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