InductPlate keep pizza snacks food warm on inductive stone surface

InductPlate von Gastros Switzerland

Snacks warm halten in der Ladentheke mittels Induktion



Dimensions: 360 x 390 x 125 mm
With four power levels
Max. power: 800 W
Input voltage range: 110/230 V AC / 50/60 Hz

Keep snacks warm directly in the display

Savoury pizza and crispy snacks taste best when they are warm. They also have to be a feast for the eyes. With InductPlate« you keep your snacks warm directly in the display - in an efficient and appealing way - presented on an induction-compatible surface made of artificial stone or glass.

The induction module is located invisibly underneath the counter. It heats up the surface on four different temperature levels within 40░C and 80░ C. One module warms up a section of approx. 40 x 40 cm. Depending on the size of your counter, quite a few InductPlate« modules can be installed and up to 16 of them can be linked with each other. You benefit from the excellent energy efficiency of the system, that saves up to 90% of energy compared to electrical warming devices.

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