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InductCook® 330 Tabletop

InductCook® 330 GN 2/3 device

Dimensions: 360 x 390 x 125 mm
Max. power: 3,5 kW
Input voltage range: 230 V AC

List price: $ 2´290*

Operation- and Installation Manual

*price excl. VAT and EXW

Intuitive cooking with no distractions and no compromises. It’s the freedom to simply cook.

The InductCook® 330 Tabletop, made from brushed stainless steel, offers you the highest level of flexibility. This model allows you to cook dishes in any induction compatible dish up to a size of GN 2/3. Whether for front cooking or in kitchen use, the InductCook® 330 Tabletop can be placed anywhere within your cooking area. The InductCook® devices can be very quickly set up and are then ready for cooking meals straightaway. This immediately operation can be especially useful if your requirements should change at short notice.

The InductCook® 330 is a compact hob – with small dimensions but plenty of power and an elegant design. This small induction hob is especially designed for cooking with one pan and for aesthetic perfection. It delivers high power in only a few seconds and, as you would expect, distributes it in the optimum fashion, whether you‘re flash frying or cooking large quantities. For successful front cooking that impresses your customers, you need more than just culinary expertise. You have to have elegancy from every angle – and especially from the perspective of your guests – which makes your InductCook® the ideal choice when cooking for an audience.

Each pan can be controlled independently, and when it comes to the effective power consumption, you’re constantly kept in the loop thanks to a digital information display. No matter whether you want to lightly simmer or get a rolling boil going; whether you’re flash frying or simply keeping food warm at a reduced heat – just a single hand movement is enough to get exactly the result you want. In an unprecedented step, the induction technology also employs a pan type detection method. Our systems adjust themselves completely of their own accord to perfectly suit the type of pan being used. This maximises efficiency and makes the cooking process particularly energy-saving.

As if by magic – the supply of energy and therefore the cooking power can be controlled by sliding the pan across the hob. The chef will get back the full control of the cooking process firmly back into the hands through this so called SLIDE CONTROL Mode (SLC). SLC stands for intuitive cooking that focuses solely on preparing the food – with no distractions and no compromises. Full power is emitted when the pan is placed in the centre of the hob. Sliding the pan just a few centimetres from the centre, causes a rapid and continuous reduction in cooking power. However, the pan remains fully on the coil during this, and a digital information display shows the effective power consumption at all times. With the power controlled entirely on the basis of how the pan is moved, just a single hand movement is enough to get exactly the result you want – whenever you want it.

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