Planning dossier

Planning dossier

Our planning dossier provides planners with detailed information about InductWarm« and its products together with technical drawings and helpful hints regarding installation and usage. There are two different versions available for download: A high resolution print version, and a lower quality screen version.

Tender specifications

Please download the desired PDF file:

CAD & Revit Data

InductWarm« - CAD Files

Available CAD drawings for InductWarm« -TableTop and BuiltIn devices in PDF, DWG and/or DXF format.

Instruction InductWarm« 130+

InductWarm« 130+ Instruction Videos

Demonstrration Videos how to upload install a new firmware or a a new configuration into the IW130+. The files will be sent by Gastros Switzerland AG.

Guidelines Cover Materials InductWarm« 130+

Please follow the rules given in this guidelnes when using an InductWarm« 130+ in combination with any cover material.

contact details

Gastros Switzerland AG
Buckhauserstrasse 1
CH - 8048 Zurich

  +41 44 545 32 40
  +41 44 545 32 41
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