Induction Food Warming Buffet Solution by Gastros Switzerland

Buffet Counter with invisible induction technology for gently and efficient food warming by Gastros Switzerland

Invisible Induction Buffet Solutions

The InductWarm« system

In combination with any induction-compatible pot (such as our InductWarm« porcelain) InductWarm« keeps food warm via induction. Using the InductWarm« remote control, you can conveniently select one of four different warming levels for each of the warming zones, guaranteeing the right temperature for any of your dishes. The warming zones switch off automatically when a dish is removed from the table and reactivate at the same temperature when put back again.

InductWarm« 130+

InductWarm« 200

InductCook« 330
GN 2/3 Device

This is InductWarm«

With InductWarm« dishes are being kept warm most efficiently via induction in any induction-compatible pot. It is our aspiration to offer both the most beautiful and the easiest to use products for keeping food warm. So that your guests are served only the highest quality of dishes, even beyond an Ó la carte setting.

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Timeless elegant
energy efficiency
ease of use
fresh meals
temperature control

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