InductWarm« 130 Tabletop

InductWarm« 130 Tabletop GN 1/1

Dimensions: 360 x 390 x 125 mm
With four temperatur levels
Max. power: 750 W
Input voltage range: 230 V AC / 50 Hz

Operation- and Installation Manual

Induction warming device with a stainless steel housing, lower ventilation inlets and a firmly connected glass ceramic plate with 6 mm thickness for a free-standing unit on tables, desks, buffets etc. Keeps food on four selectable warming levels warm. The device can be used both with the infrared remote control or the integrated control unit. One warming zone with a rectangular 30 cm induction coil. Compatible with all induction safe dishes of the size GN 2/3. The status of the current operating level and warming levels is carried out by the LEDs. With memory effect and reactivating the selected warming level during removal and subsequent re-fitting of induction safe dishes within 5 minutes.

contact details

Gastros Switzerland AG
Buckhauserstrasse 1
CH - 8048 Zurich

  +41 44 545 32 40
  +41 44 545 32 41
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